01/31/2018 - 

Tonight Stephen and I will be sharing THE LAW OF ONE material.

We will be going over the Chandler which was the mouthpiece for this humble messenger, the inside look at what the material is actually, and more so touching on the Oneness and Spiritual Awakening in which RA speaks of.

The show will be hosted on talkshoe.com.

Tonight at 9:00pm EST TILL 11:00PM EST.

As always you may listen in or call in to participate at: (724-444-7444) show Id : 136426




12/27/2017 - The Global hand that controls the Chess board and the fate of Humanity as they would like to believe! Who are they, what are they and just how much power and control they have over YOU, US and our everyday lives.

This discussion will indeed make you raise your eyes to a whole new world that is hidden right in front of our faces. 

NOT only do we anticipate YOU being part of this show? But, those powers behind the scene. They DO NOT like this being discussed, talked about nor shared. 

We hope you will join us LIVE - As we talk -THE ILLUMINATI












BIG, BIG Day! IN THE UFO COMMUNITY, and it went on record!

The U.S. government ran a program for investigating reports of unidentified flying objects until 2012, the Department of Defense confirmed for ABC News. As first reported by The New York Times and The Washington Post, the once secret program was funded from 2007 to 2012. According to The New York - and all of this ON RECORD!

We have provided you via Google with some amazing search results on just this very topic. In our eyes? Folks this is Government Disclosure. What more do we WANT?





We are expanding the TEAM of Researchers and article publishers as fast as we can.

LIKEMINDS - And good people seeking and sharing their Truths.

If "YOU" Have an open mind and would enjoy sharing your truths with the world and as many people as you can? - please feel free to speak up.

Right now we are living in amazing times. The Governments around the globe are working both day and night to hinder the growth of a movement.

Yes its a movement - And its a truth movement out of control like a freight train bound for the station with the force of the cosmos at its back. 




Its been a good 2 years or so that we did weekly podcasts. So, With the new year right around the corner? - Here we go again. We will try very hard to do weekly discussions or if things get busy? Biweekly shows.

What is The Breath Beyond - The Matrix Minds?

It is a weekly podcast as well Publications covering many mind challenging topic's. From E.T LIFE to MK ULTRA - Top Secret Mind programming, Alien visitation, Secret Government Programs and More. If you can think it? We'll discuss it!



When are the Discussions?

Our 2 hour podcasts are WEDS @ 8:00 Pm EST 

Can we request Discussion Topics?

Absolutely! The show / Discussions would not happen without YOU! 

Any topic of discussion you would like to talk about or show idea can be submitted via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or here.


How do I Participate or Listen?

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