Those that know me? Know I believe in Giants. Both NOW in what is called stasis sleep which is a deep slumber with slow breathing ect.  Below a definition of Stasis.

What is a stasis chamber?
A stasis chamber (also called a stasis unit, stasis pod, stasis tube, or bio-pod) was a device used to preserve life. It was often a coffin-shaped device designed for the preservation of critically injured or terminally ill patients until their conditions could be stabilized in a fully equipped medical facility.
A while back there was a video flying around Fedbook showing not only a giant in said stasis mode? But this giant was wearing all types of gold artifacts. 
The image above has been seen all over the globe and the YouTube video said to have been debunked. Debunked? I myself question everything and also rely on other sources of information referenced by people as like David Wilcock from Gaia Tv and Divine Cosmos. 
Are we looking at the creator ( Gods )? We may and we may not ever be told.
Never the less I personally believe these beings still to this day LIVE.I believe they exist within the shadows and Safety within this great planet its self. Within GAIA.
Again, we at this point can only speculate and wonder.
- The Mystic ( Matthew )